3 Simple Things to Do to Get Pregnant Naturally

3 Simple Things to Do to Get Pregnant Naturally

When you are trying to get pregnant you may look every where and ask the question “can someone please help me get pregnant?” In this article we will go over several things that answer the question:

1. Can my diet help me get pregnant?

The answer is yes: eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein will help you to get pregnant. One of your fruits or vegetables must be high in vitamin C, including oranges, papaya, kiwi, or cantaloupe. You should have up to seven servings of vegetables and fruits, two of which must be rich in folic acid. Foods rich in folic acid includes spinach, broccoli, orange juice.

3 Simple Things to Do to Get Pregnant Naturally

Watch how much caffeine you drink as drinking too much coffee has a strong link to reducing fertility and could increase the time it takes to get pregnant by 50%! Avoid alcohol and cigarettes too! In fact being a healthy weight for your height will really help to get pregnant.

2. Will vitamins help me get pregnant?

Yes, this will give your hormones a boost and hormones have to be in balance for you to get pregnant. Ask your pharmacist for advice and invest in the highest quality prenatal vitamins supplements you can afford. You should, however, take a vitamin supplement containing 0.4 mg (400 mcg) of folic acid at least three months before they try to conceive. Folic acid in your diet lowers the chance of having a child with a neural tube defect such as spina bifida.

3. Can exercise help me get pregnant ?

Exercising is a part of a healthy lifestyle and is crucial to help get you pregnant. You don’t have to over do it though. A 15 minute walk in the evening or an aerobic workout will have a positive affect on you physically and mentally.
Types of exercise that are recommended include yoga, walking, cyclingArticle Submission, and even swimming. A workout plan that includes 30 minute sessions three to four times per week is usually sufficient. Women should not begin a workout routine without talking to their doctor first.

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